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Throw me to the wolf
And I'll return
Leading an army of them.

by Shreya,S&S Throw me to the wolf |And I'll return |Leading an army of them.


"After all this
Do you still have
Half Blood?"

by Tanya,T&T


They treat me like
I am weak, but kindness of heart
Can tame a catastrophe...

by Severus,S&S They treat me like |I am weak, but kindness of heart |Can tame a catastrophe...


Not every time, a
Hero will protect you
Sometimes, it is your enemy.

by Tanya,T&T Not every time, a |Hero will protect you |Sometimes, it is your enemy.

A Letter

Once it carried my feelings
now it's just left for

by Shalini,S&S Once it carried my feelings |now it's just left for |Recycling


I hate you
For the things
You haven't said

by Love,L&L I hate you |For the things |You haven't said

Monday Motivation

A brain full of thoughts
To the universe's chords

by Koushik,K&K A brain full of thoughts |Reverberating |To the universe's chords

Today I Learned

Life is a mess
And you've to
Embrace that.

by just.a.myth,j&j Life is a mess |And you've to |Embrace that.

Atheistically Speaking

Even if God exists
Am I just supposed to

by Prateek,P&P Even if God exists |Am I just supposed to |Believe?

Today I Learned

People don't need love
They just need a reason
to live

by Suman,S&S People don't need love |They just need a reason |to live