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And heart
Work oceans apart

by Deval,D&D Brain |And heart |Work oceans apart

My Story

It's me
Your broken heart.

by Vinod,V&V Hello |It's me |Your broken heart.


Life, bring it back
Love, come to me again
Pain, I remember you.

by Katrina,K&K Life, bring it back |Love, come to me again |Pain, I remember you.

Seemingly absurd

It seems like
Yesterday when we first met
And tomorrow is our marriage.

by Maricris,M&M It seems like |Yesterday when we first met |And tomorrow is our marriage.

My Story

It all began with a
Question and
Ended with heartbreak.

by Meet,M&M It all began with a |Question and |Ended with heartbreak.

Today I learned

A small pen
Is no weaker than
A mighty sword

by Rushil,R&R A small pen |Is no weaker than |A mighty sword


Biology taught me
That heart has 4 chambers
But awaits only one resident

by Sakshi,S&S Biology taught me |That heart has 4 chambers |But awaits only one resident


I am not the one
Who lied
I am the lie.

by Nishchay,N&N I am not the one |Who lied |I am the lie.


Everything's fair in
Love and exams
Unless you cheat!

by Hisham,H&H Everything's fair in |Love and exams |Unless you cheat!

Thursday Thoughts

I love him
on days when
Nights don't end

by Clarisse,C&C I love him |on days when |Nights don't end