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My Story

The gleam of your eyes
The soft of your lashes
The colour of your cheeks.

by Jaya,J&J The gleam of your eyes |The soft of your lashes |The colour of your cheeks.


Those days when letters
Were memorized and numbers were
Added on fingers.

by FreeBird,F&F Those days when letters |Were memorized and numbers were |Added on fingers.


No matter how great you
Are, never forget where
You started

by Adarsh,A&A No matter how great you |Are, never forget where |You started

What I Dread In 5 Words

Herds Of Sheep

by Anjali,A&A Society |Supplies |Herds Of Sheep

The Trump Memo

Trump's bedroom was
filled with pictures of
his own nudity

by Piyush,P&P Trump's bedroom was |filled with pictures of |his own nudity

Keep It Simple

I crave a life
Where I can be myself and
do what I want to.

by Adwaita,A&A I crave a life |Where I can be myself and |do what I want to.

What I Dread In 5 Words

Loving you
You're his

by Adarsh,A&A Loving you |Knowing |You're his

Dark Thoughts

Hearts are wild
Before they meet
In this crowded world

by Sunny,S&S Hearts are wild |Before they meet |In this crowded world

What I Dread In 5 Words

People judging
Through gossip

by Adarsh,A&A People judging |Character |Through gossip

Cry baby

Baby don't cry
You're good enough
And beyond loved

by Cranberry,C&C Baby don't cry |You're good enough |And beyond loved